A word from our President

As President of the Australian Medical Association (WA), I am delighted that you are considering studying with AMA College. The AMA (WA) has a proud history of supporting and delivering training to the medical field, dating back to our inception in 1898. That’s over 120 years of tradition that you will benefit from when you choose to study at AMA College.

Healthcare is a globally unifying need and one that each country works hard to improve. Highly skilled staff are the very heart of any healthcare system. The healthcare community is known for its willingness to work together, collaborate and share ideas. These are the very traits that embody our vision for AMA College as we strive to develop the healthcare workforce of the future.

Our college motto “Progredi in Sapientiam” means “Go forward in Wisdom”. As a valued student at AMA College we will share your learning journey with you and impart upon you the wisdom we were given by those before us.

A career in healthcare can be a rewarding and lifelong experience. As an industry, many different professions work together to provide the diverse range of health services needed by our community. In addition to medical professionals, there is a need for nurses, allied health support staff, aged and disability care workers, healthcare administrators and many more.

Whichever vocational path you choose, AMA College will help start this journey for you.

I hope you will join us.

Are you ready to start an exciting career in healthcare?

Elevate your career at AMA College, the college with 120 years of tradition.