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Student Support Services

The AMA College student support team is here to enhance the experience of our students.

There is a range of student support services available at AMA College, ranging from finding somewhere to live, connecting you to services you need and figuring out how you can find work in Australia.

Equally, our team can put you in touch with our Student Welfare Officer or recommend a number external service providers depending on student need.

Our support services start long before you land in Perth. We believe that the initial experiences of international students are extremely important, laying the foundation of their success in Australia. Our team also helps to organise a variety of activities throughout the year for students to experience Australian culture.

AMA College is also able to provide support and information on important issues such mental health and social isolation.

The AMA Student Support team will be an integral part of your learning journey with us, ensuring that you not only receive a first-rate education experience but also that your time with us is fun and memorable.

Our Student Support team is contactable Monday to Friday, from 8:30am to 5pm, via (08) 9273 3033 or Student.Support@amacollege.edu.au.

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