College Fees

APPLICATION FEE (Non-refundable)

  • $250 AUD – required prior to issuing the Letter of Offer.


The following Tuition Fees apply to AMA College Courses:

  • CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing)  –  $5,500.
  • CHC43015 Certificate IV in Ageing Support  –  $5,500.
  • 10720NAT Diploma of Health Administration  –  $12,000.

Tuition Fees include:

  • All of the training and assessment required for students to achieve the Qualification or the outcome of the course  in which they are enrolling.
  • The issuing of one set of certification documents including the Testamur (Certificate) and Record of Results or a Statement of Attainment (in the case of withdrawal or partial completion).
  • All required textbooks and specific licences required for the course.


Non-Tuition Fees include: (see specific details in the table below)

  • Additional fees that apply for re-assessment, where a student fails to demonstrate competence and is required to repeat the unit.
  • Fees for the reissue of academic reports and/or the postage of such reports.


Airport arrival pick up AUD $100
Late submission for assessment fee (4 weeks or more after due date)* AUD $100 per unit
Continuing Student Initiated Deferral of Study Application Fee AUD $100
Continuing Student Initiated Suspension of Study Application Fee AUD $100
Continuing Student Initiated Cancellation of Study Application Fee AUD $100
Enrolment reinstatement fee (after cancellation of enrolment) AUD $100
Recognition of Prior Learning (per unit) fee AUD $350
Repeat of Unit Fee Full Fee
Certificate re-issue fee AUD $50
Payment plan instalment fee AUD $25
Refund Administration fee AUD $75
Late payment fee AUD $170
Replacement Student card AUD $30


Tuition and Non-Tuition fees do not include:

  • Associated costs, such as travel, accommodation and week-to-week living.
  • Any optional textbooks and materials that may be recommended but are not required to complete a course.
  • Replacement textbooks if original copies are lost or misplaced. Costs for replacement textbooks are outlined on the Student’s Course Acceptance Agreement.
  • Stationery such as paper and pens.
  • Overseas Student Health Cover.
  • Re-assessment if required, as outlined above.
  • Re-issuance of AQF certification documents, as outlined above.
  • Direct debit setup, transaction and dishonour fees (where applicable).
  • Credit card payment surcharges.


Please note that Tuition Fees cannot be received from enrolling students until the signed Letter of Acceptance has been received by AMA College.

  • On receipt of the signed letter of acceptance, an invoice will be sent to the student with the payment option for the tuition fee, requested by the student on the Letter of Offer.
  • On receipt of payment of the invoice the Confirmation of Enrolment will be sent to the student.
  • The Confirmation of Enrolment cannot be sent until the invoice is paid. 

Students will not be permitted to attend classes unless they have paid their tuition fee prior to the commencement of each Study Period. Failure to pay the tuition fee by the due date may result in enrolment in the course being suspended or cancelled.

Students have the choice of whether they wish to pay the:

Fee in four instalments (This option is only available for the 10720NAT Diploma of Health Administration):

  • Instalment one – prior to issuing the Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE)       AUD$ 3,000.
  • Instalment two – two weeks prior to commencement of Study Period two         AUD$ 3,000.
  • Instalment three – two weeks prior to commencement of Study Period three          AUD$ 3,000.
  • Instalment four – two weeks prior to commencement of Study Period four          AUD$ 3,000.

Fees in two instalments (available for all courses):

  • Instalment one – prior to issuing the Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE)       50% of Tuition Fee.
  • Instalment two – two weeks prior to commencement of 2nd Study Period      50% of Tuition Fee.

Full fee in one instalment:

  • Instalment one – prior to issuing the Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE)      100% of Tuition Fee.


Payment Plans are available subject to approval by AMA College (Instalment fees will apply to payment plans).

A discount on the Tuition fee will apply depending upon the choice of payment arrangement.

Tuition fees and charges may alter between years. The applicable tuition fee for an individual student (that is, the fee of their year of commencement) will remain unchanged while that student remains continuously accepted in the course. Where a student suspends or defers their studies, then their resumption tuition fee will be at the rate, which is applicable to the course fee in that year.